GeoInformation Nevada: Services

GeoInformation Nevada: a research service


GeoInformation Nevada provides in depth geo-based research of reputable published materials, focused on your specific area of interest with emphasis in the areas of geology, mining history, geography, and including environmental applications.

This research will provide essential background information before your company sends a crew into the field, makes expensive resource investment, or other diversion of staff.

Research sources include the primary, recognized databases relevant to your needs and are conducted by an experienced earth sciences researcher.


Typical results may include

  • A bibliography of materials relevant to topic and field of interest. [example]; abstracts included when available.
  • Texts of articles, government documents [such as Economic Geology, U.S. Geological Survey, U.S. Bureau of Mines]
  • Relevant maps of area [topographic, geologic]
  • Available materials [such as books, theses] will be ordered and provided if requested
  • If full-text requisition by GeoInformation Nevada is not requested, sources of materials to be acquired can be provided when available
  • Results may be in print and/or electronic as agreed and as available
  • All work is strictly confidential

Request for research

Initial contact may be made by email, fax or phone.

A form stating research needs may be filled out in advance with further explanation upon direct contact and discussion of your needs.